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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STI)

and Other Reproductive Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are common contagious infections that are passed from person to person during sexual activity. ARHP is dedicated to ensuring health care providers are up to date on the latest prevention, vaccination, testing, diagnosis, and management strategies for STIs. All members of the health care team can learn about STIs while earning continuing education credits by completing the activities listed on this page. ARHP is committed to translating high-quality science into practice through our accredited, peer-reviewed programs.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)                                       HIV/AIDS


HPV in Women (Part 1/3) - posted Oct. 2017

HPV Prevention through Patient Education & Vaccination in Special Populations (Part 2/3) - posted Nov. 2017

HPV FAQ (Part 3/3) - posted Nov. 2017

HPV Prevention & Treatment in Special Populations (Part 1/4): HPV in Male Patients - posted Sept. 2016

HPV Prevention & Treatment in Special Populations (Part 2/4): HPV in Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) - posted Oct. 2016

HPV Prevention & Treatment in Special Populations (Part 3/4): Adolescents - posted Oct. 2016

HPV Prevention & Treatment in Special Populations (Part 4/4): FAQ Panel - posted Oct. 2016

Clinical Minutes

Interrupted HPV Vaccination - posted Nov. 2017

Assessing and Adolescent Female for HPV Infection - posted Jan. 2017

Screening the Male Patient for HPV - posted Jan. 2017



HIV Testing & Prevention: Epidemiology, Guidelines, and Counseling (Part 1) - posted July 2017

HIV Testing & Prevention: Expanding PrEP Horizons for Cis & Transgender Women (Part 2) - posted Aug. 2017

HIV Testing & Prevention: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3) - posted Aug. 2017

Understanding and Integrating Advances in HIV Prevention - posted June 2017

Assessing & Supporting Reproductive Health Care Needs & Desires of People Living with HIV - posted July 2017

Clinical Minutes

PrEP for All Women: Cisgender Women - posted Oct. 2017

PrEP for All Women: Transgender Women - posted Oct. 2017












Hepatitis C (HCV)                                                           Vulvovaginitis


HCV & the Female Patient: Reproductive Health Considerations - posted April 2017

HCV Screening & Treatment for the Male Patient - posted April 2017


Infectious Vulvovaginitis: Etiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, & Treatment- posted Sept. 2017

Non-Infectious & Recurrent Vulvovaginitis: Etiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, & Treatment- posted Sept. 2017