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PRESS STATEMENT: Reproductive Health Professionals Issue Statement on New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

For Immediate Release
November 19,  2009

Washington, DC – Last week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an outside independent panel of doctors and scientists charged with making recommendations to the federal government, released revised guidelines on breast cancer screenings, including mammograms and self-examination. The new guidelines state that instead of receiving yearly mammograms beginning at age 40, women can now wait until 50 years old to begin the annual screenings.

For many years and in many forums, there has been debate about the age at which routine screening mammograms should begin and how often they should be given. The Task Force has simply presented a new perspective for consideration.

ARHP echoes HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ statement regarding the recommendations: The Task Force recommendations have revealed that there is great need for more evidence, more research, and more scientific innovation to help women prevent, detect, and fight breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women.

Mammograms have always been and will continue to be an important tool in the arsenal in the fight against breast cancer. Like all health care decisions, it is up to each woman, in collaboration with her health care provider, to make decisions that are right and best for her health and life.


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