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Reproductive health clinicians applaud the US Supreme Court’s decision to support the Affordable Care Act

Statement by Wayne C. Shields, ARHP President & CEO

For Immediate Release
June 28,  2012


Beth Robbins, Director of Communications
(202) 621-1412

Wayne C. Shields, President and CEO
(202) 466-3825

Today’s momentous Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act has reinforced the importance of health care coverage for all Americans. On behalf of ARHP's 12,000 reproductive health care providers, researchers, and educators, we stand strong with the president and the court in support of access to affordable, high quality health care for Americans regardless of their social or economic status. Access to preventive, patient-centered care is the cornerstone of a healthy nation that respects the rights of every citizen, no matter where they work or live. Evidence-based clinical and social science supports making health care widely available to women and men of all ages to improve their quality of life and public health. The ARHP staff, board, and members look forward to addressing this critical issue as we move forward together to help improve the health of women and men in the United States.


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