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Reproductive Health and the Environment
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Reproductive Health and the Environment News

ARHP helps you stay abreast of the latest reproductive health news with links to breaking stories and research findings. We track daily news reports from credible sources including newspapers, journals, vetted blogs, conference updates, and others.

April 27, 2012: Expecting a Baby? Advice About Chemicals and Pregnancy from Danish EPA booklet

April 26, 2012: Is Spring Cleaning a Health Risk? from

March 30, 2012: FDA Rejects BPA Ban from Medpage Today

December 21, 2011: EPA Issues First National Standards for Mercury Pollution from Power Plants from the EPA

December 8, 2011: Women Advised to Avoid ZEN Bust-Enhancing Supplements Because of Possible Cancer Risk from Science Daily

December 1, 2011: High Blood Sugar Levels in Older Women Linked to Colorectal Cancer from PR Newswire

December 1, 2011: Dirty Secrets, Whats hiding in your cleaning products from Women’s Voices for the Earth

November 30, 2011: Processed and Unprocessed Red Meat Consumption and Incident Type 2 Diabetes Among French Women from Diabetes Care (American Diabetes Association)

November 29, 2011: More U.S. schoolchildren are skipping shots from The Associated Press

November 29, 2011: UCLA Nursing's Teen-Mom Intervention Program to Receive Funding Under Affordable Care Act from Market Watch

November 29, 2011: In utero Exposure to Maternal Tobacco Smoke and Subsequent Obesity, Hypertension, and Gestational Diabetes Among Women in The MoBa Cohort from Environmental Health Perspectives

November 28, 2011: Atrazine in water tied to menstrual irregularities, low hormones from Environmental Health News

November 28, 2011: Socioeconomic Status May Explain Racial Disparities in Diet, Exercise, And Weight from Science News Online

November 28, 2011: EPA Releases Formerly Confidential Chemical Information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

November 27, 2011: Experts say pollutants in atmosphere endangering lives from The International News

November 26, 2011: Prenatal environmental risk factors for genital malformations in a population of 1442 French male newborns: a nested case-control study from

November 25, 2011: Moderate Alcohol Intake Linked To Lower Female Diabetes Risk from Medical News Today

November 23, 2011: Association between Pregnancy Loss and Urinary Phthalate Levels around the Time of Conception from Environmental Health Perspectives

November 22, 2011: Protecting Children From Toxicants from The

November 22, 2011: Newborn hormone exposure can disrupt female reproductive health, rat study finds from Environmental Health News

November 18, 2011: CHE Fertility call: Integrating Environmental Health Into Clinical Practice from The Collaborative on Health and the Environment

November 18, 2011: The weighty problem of POPs from Environmental Health News

November 17, 2011: BPA exposure can alter memory in adults, rodent study suggests from Environmental Health News

November 17, 2011: Politics and environmental policy collide as Obama revs campaign from The Bulletin

November 16, 2011: Impact of walking on life expectancy and lifetime medical expenditure: the Ohsaki Cohort Study from BMJ Open

November 16, 2011: Re-election Strategy Is Tied to a Shift on Smog from The New York Times

November 16, 2011: EPA using 'press release science' to justify regulations, congressmen say from The Daily Caller

November 16, 2011: State health officials issue warning about foreign-made anti-aging creams from Cecil Whig News

November 15, 2011: A GOP Assault on Public Health from The Huffington Post

November 15, 2011: Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports from ProPublica

November 14, 2011: Green tea may boost flu protection in kids from The Daily Herald

November 14, 2011: A Diet High in Low-Fat Dairy Products Lowers Diabetes from

November 13, 2011: Pregnancy: How prenatal life may shape adult health from The Chicago Tribune

November 10, 2011: North Side Neighborhood Breathes Life Into Environment from Milwaukee Public Radio

November 10, 2011: Practice Greenhealth Announces Sustainability Benchmark Report from Marketwatch

November 9, 2011: Study sees no folic acid, asthma link from Reuters

November 7, 2011: How Health and Lifestyle Choices Can Change Your Genetic Make-Up from The Atlantic

November 3, 2011: Environmental Exposures, Infertility, and Related Reproductive Disorders from Collaboration on Health and the Environment

November 2, 2011: Trick or Toxic? The Chemical Industry's Newest Tricks on Your Kids' Health from The Huffington Post

November 2, 2011: Can the chemicals in makeup harm your health? from NBC News

October 30, 2011: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Seeks Public Comment on Draft Strategy that Promotes Healthy Communities and Protects People's Health from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Minority Health

October 30, 2011: Lead Poisoning Is Number One Threat to Young Children by Ashland Current

October 26, 2011: Vitamin D can lower breast cancer risk from Cincinnati News

October 25, 2011: Are teens who drink pop more apt to be violent? from StarTribune

October 25, 2011: Study Verifies Link between Pregnant Moms' Antidepressants an Autism in Children from International Business Times

October 24, 2011: Lack of outdoor play linked to short-sighted children from BBC News

October 12, 2011: Environmental chemicals may be obstacle for infertile couples from Environmental Health News

October 12, 2011: CDC says condom use increasing among teens from Reuters

October 12, 2011: Exposure to Air Toxics in Pregnancy Ups Preterm Birth from The Cleveland Clinic Medical News

October 12, 2011: Chemical Industry Shifts on BPA After Spending Millions to Fight Legislation from The New York Times

October 10, 2011: Bisphenol A: mothers' exposure increases cancer risk for children from Insciences

August 2, 2011: Mold Exposure During Infancy Increases Asthma Risk from NewsWise

August 2, 2011: Babies Had Fewer Colds When Moms Took DHA During Pregnancy from the Los Angeles Times

August 1, 2011: Rise in Asthma Risk Linked to Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy from Bloomberg

July 29, 2011: Link Between Birth Defects and Antidepressants Taken During Pregnancy Continues to Strengthen from

July 19, 2011: Birth Defects Linked to Coal Smoke, Pesticides from Reuters

July 14, 2011: Depression in Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Asthma from Fox News

June 10, 2011: Dosage Factors and Safer Alternatives to More Dangerous Antiepileptic Drugs During Pregnancy from

June 9, 2011: Moldy Homes Tied to Children's Asthma, Allergies from Reuter’s Health

June 9, 2011: National Conversation's Agenda: Shift Chemicals Policy to Prevention from Occupational Health & Safety

June 8, 2011: Autism Experts Urge Reform of U.S. Chemicals Law from Environmental News Service