Technological advances bring new forms of contraception to market every year, resulting in unprecedented choices in contraceptive methods. All members of the health care team can learn the latest about contraception while earning continuing education credits by completing the activities listed on this page. ARHP is committed to translating high-quality science into practice through our accredited, peer-reviewed programs.


All on-demand webinars are now available here

  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk (Part 1/2) - posted Oct. 2017
  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk in Special Populations (Part 2/2) - posted Nov. 2017
  • Risk Made Real: Communicating Contraceptive Risk - posted Oct. 2016
  • Risk Made Real: Communicating Contraceptive Risk for Adolescent Providers - posted Nov. 2016
  • Provider Education and Training to Increase Use of Intrauterine Contraception - posted May 2016
  • Advanced LARC Topics for Providers: Difficult Insertions - posted Sept. 2016
  • Advanced LARC Topics for Providers: Immediate Postpartum LARC Workshop (Parts 1 & 2) - posted Oct. & Nov. 2016
  • Comparative Contraception: Reversible and Permanent Options - posted Sept. 2015
  • Comparative Contraception: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception - posted Aug. 2016
  • Comparative Contraception: FAQ Roundtable - posted Oct. 2016

Clinical Minutes

All Clinical Minutes are now available here

  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk: Switching from the Pill – posted Dec. 2017
  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk: Discussing LARC in the Context of Suspected Reproductive Coercion – posted Jan. 2018
  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk: Risk of Pregnancy - posted Jan. 2017
  • Communicating Contraceptive Risk: Risk of Cancer - posted Feb. 2017
  • Highly Effective Reversible Methods: Contraceptive Implant Insertion, Management, & Follow-up - posted Oct. 2016
  • Advanced LARC Topics: Challenging IUD Insertions - posted Jan. 2016
  • Advanced LARC Topics: Insertion After Delivery - posted Jan. 2016
  • Counseling Young Women about Long-Acting Reversible Methods - posted June 2016
  • Comparative Contraception: Permanent Options Counseling - posted Dec. 2016

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ARHP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible. ARHP relies on contributions from health care professionals, concerned individuals, foundations, and industry to support its work and provide trusted clinical education and information on reproductive and sexual health. 

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Contributions from individuals support ARHP’s "Fund for the Future of Reproductive Health," which provides seed money to develop and implement innovative programs to support reproductive health education and advocacy efforts for the next generation. 

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