Ponce’s Grand Discovery: Florida’s STEM Achievements

What Ponce Found - 4 Day STEM Trip

4 Day STEM Trip

From NASA spaceships to high speed coasters, Juan Ponce De Leon could have never imagined the engineering and technology that would one day call Florida home! ON this trip, students will travel to Georgia's southernmost barrier islands to learn about Georgia's population of sea turtles, beaches, and wide marshes that are the epicenter of Georgia's ecological wealth. Then, students will depart for the Sunshine Satt to spend time touring programs at both the Kennedy Space Center and Universal Studios and will use independent applications to deepen their understanding of how science, technology, engineering and math are integrated into our experiences and our discovery!

Georgia Turtle Center
Jekyll Island, GA

Here, students will tour Georgia's only Sea Turtle education and rehabilitation center. During this tour, students will gain a greater appreciation for he challenges Sea Turtles face as they fight for survival. Students will begin the tour with a self-guided, personalized activity to fully immerse themselves in the journey facing Sea Turtles each year. This activity will connect the students with the amazing creatures students will soon discover. Following the self-guided activity, students will move from exhibit to exhibit and will learn about Sea Turtles through interactive displays. As students depart the Sea Turtle Center, they will have a more thorough understanding of the consequences of littering, disturbing nesting turtles, damaging beach habitats, and the numerous threats to our turtle population.

Tidelands Nature Center
Jekyll Island, GA

During this guided walk of Jekyll Island Beach, students will get a look at the amazingly diverse organisms found along the Barrier Islands of Georgia. Students will have a chance to learn about basic beach dynamics, erosion of soil and the role it plays in overall vitality of beach life, sand deposition, waves and the tidal patters and how they affect living organisms in this area.

Dinner and beach time
Jekyll Island, GA

Following a catered dinner on the beach, students and teachers will have some time for beach activities, group pictures, or to just watch the waves crash in!

Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, Florida

In this program, young imaginations will be inspired! Salute to Science, a fully-interactive educational experience at the world's busiest spaceport, will take students through a team-building experience that combines a guided program and time to explore on your own. During this program, students will attend a private briefing to learn about important science concepts related to science exploration and will enjoy a private presentation with a veteran NASA astronaut. They will engage in a hands-on, minds-on team engineering challenge, experience Space Shuttle Atlantis (trademark) and Shuttle Launch Experience (trademark), and will have full access to a self-guided exploration of the Kennedy Space Center. Students will eat lunch at the Center before departing for Orlando

Universal Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida

Prepare for a place where learning and discovery come alive! Students will spend the afternoon and evening in the park and will have the opportunity to explore the park before the morning program.

Your Classroom in Motion: A STEAM Application Series (Universal Studios)
Orlando, Florida

Here, students will be given a unique opportunity - using independent applications created to align with national education standards - to deepen their understanding of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are integrated into the rides and attractions. Students will be subdivided into 5 groups during this interactive presentation, so that the group can have a kore broad based experience.

  • Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Science: Students will receive a hands-on physics lesson about how the Law of Conservation of Energy makes Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit such a thrill!

  • Jurassic Paleobotany: In this program, students will explore the diverse landscape of the Jurassic period, and will be taught to identify foliage and fossils of extinct species.

  • Kongtrol Panel: Students will learn to use coordinate systems to safely program virtual ride vehicles using Skull Island: Reign of Kong's hands-on simulator.

  • Mummy Dig-Site Detective: Using a scientist's attention to detail, students will both observe and then investigate strange events taking place in the Museum of Antiquities.

  • Tranformers Roll Out: Students will apply the engineering principles behind the 6 Degrees of Freedom to a hands-on analysis of TRANSFORMERS: The Ride 3-D.

Afternoon and Evening in the Park - Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

Before returning to the hotel for the evening, students will get to enjoy a day in the park. After learning the innerworkings of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics create the park experience, students will have a newfound appreciation for the adventure that awaits them!

Students will leave Orlando and head for home!

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At A Plus Tours, we believe that learning truly comes alive when students are given the opportunity for experiential learning through physical exploration. Consistent evidence links off-campus learning opportunities to significant increases in critical thinking, historical empathy, tolerance as well as aiding in the development of values and ideals in young people.

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At A Plus Tours, we believe that learning truly comes alive when students are given
the opportunity for experiential learning through physical exploration.

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At A Plus Tours, we believe that learning truly comes alive when students are given
the opportunity for experiential learning through physical exploration.

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