Member Code of Ethics

ARHP members are expected to regularly affirm their support for the organization’s Code of Ethics and consistently abide by this Code. This applies to all ARHP members, including those who engage in clinical or public health practice, research, teaching, medical/legal, administrative, managerial, regulatory, and related realms.

ARHP members attest that they:

  • are guided by serving the best interests of individual patients and patient populations. Business needs, societal expectations, and organizational pressures do not take priority over these best interests.
  • support individual autonomy and patient-centered care. This includes valuing patients’ cultural traditions, personal preferences and values, family situations, and lifestyles. It includes working collaboratively with individuals to make decisions about health care that are best for his/her unique needs.
  • value reproductive care, rights, and justice. This includes access to health services by under-served communities, and a fair distribution of health resources to actively eliminate discrimination. This value promotes policies that aspire to protect or improve the health of communities while reducing inequities.
  • strictly abide by the ethics and standards of his/her profession. Professionals who provide or have provided direct patient care should have an absence of formal, credible professional disciplinary actions that result in restrictions or limitations placed on his/her license.
  • seek to regularly maintain professional competence. This includes a commitment to life-long learning about current scientific evidence and best practice guidelines, while continuously improving his/her professional performance.

About us

ARHP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible. ARHP relies on contributions from health care professionals, concerned individuals, foundations, and industry to support its work and provide trusted clinical education and information on reproductive and sexual health. 

What's new

Contributions from individuals support ARHP’s "Fund for the Future of Reproductive Health," which provides seed money to develop and implement innovative programs to support reproductive health education and advocacy efforts for the next generation. 

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